Going Live!

When you are happy that you have all of the elements you are ready to go live. Simply pressing the play button at the bottom of the screen will begin to play the music that you have selected to form your live playlist.

You have complete control of all the tracks played and a whole host of tools to ensure that your music plays at the right volume, playing time and from the correct cue. Simply select any track in the live playlist and right click to find a handy menu to help organise your tracks.

By organising your music into playlists you can easily switch the music from one to another or even by blending them together.

When you have tailored your Live Playlist to your preference you can then begin to start calling your entertainers to the stage. To do this just press the “Stage Calls” button.

Activating Stage Calls and the Dancer Rotation


When you have added the dancers that are working for this session to the rotation you can then organise the list for when you are ready to go live. You can move dancers up, down, top and bottom – there are even additional options to set off entertainers from the rotation should they become unavailable.