What's new

The latest update of CoverJock is full of new features, bug fixes and enhancements.

You’ll get updates like these periodically as we make improvements based on feedback from people using CoverJock. This is part of our promise to continuously improve CoverJock – included with the service cost.

So keep that input coming – and take a look at the highlights of this update.

Update notes 2019.3 (released 7th June 2019)

  • New playlist category "Promo Only" with artwork

  • New red side bar identifier in advanced playlist and playlist editor to show if track in under "Minimum Track Length"

  • Fixed when moving track in and out of dancers music set and left dancers in green

  • Fixed in new built-in normalizer feature not normalizing dancer's track sets

  • Pro - New reports Sales > Total Dancers Commission to show Dancer Paid, Hours Performed, Commission

Update notes 2019.2 (released 14th May 2019)

  • Fixed displayed wrong length of last pole show on dancer menu

  • New feature Club Tasks (same as RotationX)

  • New feature Dancer Notes to show on Dancer Menu

  • New feature to gather all tracks peak values and pre-load for speedy built-in normaliser
  • New feature to automatically Select Different Stage (like RotationX does)

  • New item on track properties to show Peak Value

  • New options to customize Clap and Wolf Whistle buttons.

  • New option to 'Keep Unavailable Dancer in Same Position' - Default ON

  • Modified if database location can't be found, show a message saying so instead of password box

  • Pro - Added ToolTipText on BoothPoint options

  • Pro - Options to setup licensing by terminal name/number

  • Pro - New KPI report mode > Weekly/Monthly

  • Pro - Modified report > Sales > Sales By Session Summary (add CASH column and CREDIT CARD)

  • Pro - Fixed cell TOTAL PDQ RECEIPTS in KPI if credit card charge is set to zero

  • Pro - New row in KPI named TOTAL CASH below TOTAL PDQ RECEIPTS


Update notes 2019.1 (released 29th March 2019)

  • Studio - Blank dancer in Uploads.ini, dancer list etc shouldn't show

  • New option to Import Dancers From RotationX (c:\ProgramData\RotationX\Dancers\*)

  • New click on COVERJOCK FOR label to open Options > General > Club Details

  • New import LST to allow import of TXT as well (due to export lst exports as txt)

  • Modified style of all tabs to have line on top

  • Modified ToolTipText to dark theme

  • Fixed open download URL '/login'

  • Fixed memory error when showing right click on advanced music grid. Added Try

  • Fixed Auto Import dancer names needs to check for multiple names in Dancers table

  • New feature to store times to play on each track i.e. 0 - Any time, 1 - Day only, 2 - Evening only. Right click on advanced search, track properties and playlist editor to set these as a group

  • Pro - Fixed Save and New on product doesn't retain drink category

  • Pro - New icon below T? - list tabs and items to void

  • Pro - New if no items in POS show icon Tp (Tab Pay). If items show T+

  • Pro - New Multiple Customer Dances report (QtyCust > 1)

  • Pro - New option to custom description for 'Add Percentage (%)'

  • Pro - New Bar Tab feature to put on a tab and pay at the end

  • Pro - New Refund button in Extra menu. List Invoices then select Invoice Items to refund with

  • Pro - Fixed Products, Dancer, Staff, Members grids need to proper select colour
    original payment method

  • Pro - New Add Percentage button in Extra Menu to add a % to every product on the bill

  • Pro - Enhanced speed loading KPI by 65% and refreshes calendar correctly on load

  • Pro - New option to disable/enable dancer tip

  • Pro - New option to cap transactions by dance times (max hours) or by value

  • Pro - Enhanced splash screen to show progress circles on Back Office and ePOS

  • Pro - New refund items, if nothing paid off in any tender, the price to return is zero BUT commission etc are minus values

  • Pro - Fixed refund items, if nothing paid ClubCommissionValue and DancersCommissionValue was wrong.

  • Pro - Swap POS buttons Extra Menu, ZRead and No Sale around

  • Pro - Extra Menu (button menu grid) - add top menu buttons

Update notes 2018.5 (released 28th September 2018)

  • New feature 'Backup Machine' option is now password protected to enable/disable

  • New feature restore backup database on reinstall

  • Modified to change wording clock-in & clock-out to check-in & check-out in software, reports and web help

  • Fixed music database convert bullet point to • in track xml

  • Issue fixed - manual stage show not being able to play general or banter broadcasts

  • Modified refresh scheduled voice overs at 10am.
    New feature Searching music doesn't search C:\SWSETUP\

  • Pro - Birthday alerts - when staff clock in check if any dancers or staff birthdays

  • Pro - Speeded up dancer profile start-up

  • Pro - Create a new report group called "Sales (Live)" to report on the live session

  • Pro - BP logo now shows Extra Menu

  • Pro - USB Cash Drawer integration

  • Pro - Ability to email individual staff rota

  • Pro - Added field to staff for Max Weekly Hours, when scheduling them show error if reached max hours

  • Pro - Bar product, added X button to delete Drink Category.

  • Pro - New Extra Menu item on POS called 'Dancer History' to show XRead i.e. dance products, house fees, fines etc

Update notes 2018.4 (released 20th April 2018)

  • Pro - New From/To time for Bar products

  • Pro - New button on Dancer Account "Pay out Tipping $" - ask how many for each tipping dollar, add a new invoice line with Misc pay out



  • Fixed advanced music search - searching for '$4' caused a crash

  • Fixed issue after a full cycle of playing intros and outros (version 1-10) it only plays the first voice over - now starts cycle over again

  • Made start-up quicker by up to 50%

  • Made music import quicker by approx 20%

  • Fixed issue when creating a dance product, From/To Time was wrong - added button to reset

  • New export playlists to LST files in Playlist tab and Music Search

Update notes 2018.2 (released 1st January 2018)

  • Pro - Drink incentives, cost $10, when dancer reaches x (10) drinks/tips on check out issue free passes

  • Pro - Fixed. High roller manual button asks for another prompt, not needed

  • Pro - Issuing free pass from Manager crashed, looped when setting start date

  • Pro - Setting from and to times for products, double clicking on the header sets to default

  • Pro - Cost price on bar/shop products

  • Pro - Refund current dance from Booth Menu screen

  • Pro - 2nd tier needs to adjust ALL commission items to new percentage

  • Pro - New option on Dance Product > "Max Quantity"

  • Pro - New option "Allow Private Dances & VIP Dances on same bill". Default True

  • Pro - New option "Allow Private Dances & Sit Downs on same bill". Default True

  • Pro - New option "Stand Alone Dancer Tips" - if checked nothing else can be on the transaction

  • New feature in Dancers - checkbox for Male. This plays introductions and outros for male strippers and changed images to male.

  • Fixed coverjock-netxxxxx files on the desktop - auto search my music didn't set MonitorPath

  • Fixed banned songs spurious characters causing a potential crash

  • Fixed crash if no tracks in live playlist then select Remove Future Parade Shows

  • Fixed wrong artwork showing at times

  • Fixed issue with no shuffle music and no shuffle playlist

  • Fixed issue when shuffling video list when only one item


Update notes 2017.8 (released 12th September 2017)

  • Added new button 'BANNED SONGS' in Advanced Searching

  • Added search box in Banned Songs screen

  • Fixed Auto Locate in Missing Music

  • Fixed when not playing stage call: 1 dancer, 1 song, constant show - Bourbon Street

  • Fixed crash when select Insert Track on File Explorer tab if track file name had a semi colon

  • Added press the Skip button when paused starts the player from the next track

  • Pro - Finger Prints issue - Added 'Clear Finger Prints' button in options

  • Pro - New options to automatically add a fine if dancer has worked under x amount of hours of her shift. Check this at clocking out stage before issuing her commission

  • Pro - New setting for 'Don't allow ZRead to run after x hours' - currently 6 hours

  • Pro - 10% Manager's Commission (% of club commission), show on final zread

  • Pro - Split shifts in terminal Zread, hide checked in dancers, allocate Manager's Commission at end of all shifts

  • Pro - New option 'Enable Dancer Declare Cash' (Total Cash on Dancer Zread)

  • Pro - 2 Tier commission if dancer hits certain amount sold for each dance product

  • Pro - New outgoing misc product which is negative out of the till

  • Pro - New option to activate house fees (default on)

  • Pro - Issue Free Pass - Special screen: add start from date, set value, set valid for x days. Modified Free Pass reports

  • Pro - Open Dancer Profile with contract open in WordPad causes an error

  • Pro - Check colour dark/light shade on POS and set fore colour to match


Update notes 2017.7 (released 31st July 2017)

  • Added new button in VO Schedule tab to add Auto DJ ON/OFF, Auto Calls ON/OFF, Round The Houses ON/OFF, Shuffle Playlists, Play music, Pause Music, Mute DJ Voice and Restore DJ Voice

  • Fixed VO Schedule sorting

  • Fixed VO Schedule list shows proper formatted time now

  • Advanced search - instead of 'Only Banned Music' have a dropdown list Extra > '[Any]', '1 - Only Banned Music', '2 - Only Video Tracks', '3 - Only Music Tracks', '4 - Only Dancer's Tracks', '5 - Don't Show Dancer's Tracks'.

  • Pro - Employee Status, multiple choice of dancer signature, dancer name, signed date, managers signature and manager name

  • Pro - Add 'Contract Arbitration' checkbox on Dancer Profile. Add fields for contract for "Yes Arbitration (X)", "No Arbitration (X)" - License Agreement

  • Pro - Added fields to dancer's profile: Driver's License No, License/Permit No

  • Pro - Added field to House Fee product to only allow 100% to be paid (Products.PayAllHouseFee)

  • Pro - Added 'Dancer Account' and 'Issue Fine' to dancers menu on back office

  • Pro - New signature fields: DancerTel, DancerEmail, DancerPermit and DancerDrivingLicense

  • Pro - New option for Manual button numeric password

  • Pro - Allow set specific times for Door Entry fees

  • Pro - Ability to set times on a dance product - only shown when within set time

  • Pro - New set booths names

  • Pro - Colour code dance/shop/door entry/membership products/fines

  • Pro - Fixed finger print scanners sometimes selects wrong staff member

Update notes 2017.6 (released 25th June 2017)

  • New Missing Music then Clean Music now sets the percent label

  • New in Advanced search, if a dancer's song it now shows dancer's name(s)

  • New side colour in advanced search for tracks with cue points - added to tooltiptext

  • New on live playlist and advanced search right click menu 'Move to Playlist'
    Fixed if there's blank playlist, it crashes when running an advanced search. It now shows blank playlist as [Blank]

  • New when search for new tracks if it's a Virtual Playlist folder, defaults "Allow Duplicates" to checked

  • Fixed crashes sometimes when playing many voice overs together

  • New Create New item in playlist called 'Virtual Playlist From Folder' - it asks for folder then auto fill in Description and Folder Link

  • Fixed if Title, Artist or Album is 'Not Set' then set to blank

  • New in Advanced search adds Virtual Playlists to playlists list

  • New Remove dancer's songs in live playlist now checks whether the song is from the dancer playlist or from the live playlist

  • New option in promo tab menu 'Fix Promo Sets'

  • New in Marketing videos - show in red if does not exist

  • New in Marketing videos - double click opens Set Length

  • Fixed crash if no marketing items exist.

  • Fixed crash when adding genre group in 'Modify Genre Group'

  • Fixed crash when muting music/DJ volume if region is Norway or use commas in number

  • Fixed if pause music whilst video is loading, videos plays in artwork - now pauses the video once loaded

  • Pro - Modified Dancer Account to show anything outstanding allowing the dancer to pay off their commission to a specific or all dances any time during the session

  • Pro - New Cap Private Dances, VIP's and Sit Down - allowing a dancer to make normal commission up until a value is met, then 100% of the dance goes to the dancer thereafter

  • Pro - New permission for 'Show Manual Button on Sign-in' for finger print scanning sign-in

  • Pro - New Options > BoothPoint > Minimum Drinking Age. When clocking-in check dancer's age and show it on the screen

  • Pro - New button when clocking dancer in - 'Check Timetable' to open dancer's schedule

  • Pro - New Option in Options > Hamburger Menu > 'Reset Dancer's Closing Balances'

  • Pro - New on dancer's zread screen, Balance Due now shows in red

  • Pro - New view button on dancers and staff profiles to open photo in MSPaint

  • Pro - Fixed when clocking dancer out, the balance due was the new closing balance where it should have been the original opening balance

  • Pro - New menu item in Dancer's tab 'Dancer Account' so users can open this from back office without built-in POS

  • Pro - Fixed record last logout date/time and do not allow it to be logged out for at least 20 seconds. Cover Girls

  • Pro - Fixed login issue when logging in with finger print scanner


Update notes 2017.5 (released 15th May 2017)

  • Fixed if music panel is too narrow, it hides 'Select All' and 'De-Select All' buttons

  • Added double click on CPU or memory bars opens task manager

  • Added on video marketing images buttons "Import Folder" and "Shuffle"

  • Fixed ** GAP SONG ** system presumed it was an audio file in live playlist

  • Import music now allows duplicate tracks if music and same video file

  • Import music now defaults to 100Gb external disk size for 'Copy to Local'

  • Pro - Fixed. Finger print scanner hangs if waited too long to scan

  • Pro - Added House Fee Checker button on form when dancers checking out.- useful for paying house fee before checking out


Update notes 2017.4 (released 30th April 2017)

  • Added 'Refresh Dancer Song Choice' in hamburger menu of dancers

  • Added double click on NOW and NEXT artwork images to open track properties

  • Added Minimize and Hide button on large count down - reduces down to artwork area when counting down

  • Fixed issue when restoring CoverJock if the first track is a video it would crash

Update notes 2017.3 (released 25th April 2017)

  • New VUMeter on locked screen

  • New memory usage below CPU usage

  • New feautres for Stage Maintenance and Stage Break as dancers

  • New tab on dancers menu to show Activities
  • New banned song feature found in down arrow menu in adanced searching

  • New Option > Music > Search new music in Dropbox

  • New Option > Advanced > Show midway through the song & Only show if artwork is available and Full screen to cover rotation

  • New options in drop down menu above artwork

  • Fixed 3-2-1 away calls. Issue with calling wrong away number

  • Fixed dancers songs inserted to playlist now shows BPM

  • Fixed issue with player locking up when swapping or cancelling dancers

  • Fixed now unable to double click on dancer in rotation whilst being called

  • Fixed now unable to move dancing, waiting or called dancers up and down the rotation list

Update notes 2017.2 (released 21st March 2017)

  • New in video module "Show Playing Now Screen", "Insert for how long". This shows what track is currently playing together with the album artwork if available - options for this in Options > Advanced

  • New icon to the live music, advanced search, dancers music and playlist creator to indicate a music or video file
  • New in File Explorer to show all tracks stored in CoverJock to show as green, whereas all other tracks are white

  • Volume screen now opens without frame and closes when lost focus

  • New File Search now shows green files that are loaded into CoverJock
  • New option category in Options > Music Settings > Music Statistics - this show a graph of all music file type extensions, split by music files and video files

  • New message box now shows a small number in the top right hand corner if timing out

  • Tidied up missing music screen

  • New if playing a video in live playlist, it also plays in artwork area

  • New option in Dancer tab hamburger menu to Re-request Dancer(s) - it asks for the reason i.e. pronounced wrong

  • New Years eve procedure. 1 hour, 10 min, 5 min, count down in Options > Additional > New Years Eve

  • New quick option down arrow menu on artwork, shuffle manager tab, rotation tab and stages tab

  • New 'Touch Screen Mode'. Increases grid row size on: live playlist, advances search, dancers music and playlist creator

  • Pro - New item in dancer list menu - Refresh Rotation - this adds any dancers who have clocked in and aren't showing in the rotation

Update notes 2017.1 (released 9th March 2017)

  • New look and feel to the Options screen with a feedback area
  • New look and feel to the Getting Started screen
  • New look and feel to the opening Splash screen
  • New look and feel to the Track Properties screen

  • New "Import ZIP" on dancer profile to manually import dancer's recorders from ZIP file
  • New option on dancers tiles to 'Download Again' in dancer's tab, hamburger menu

  • New option to sort playlist by descending BPM

  • New schedule of parade shows (edit, remove, all active)

  • Changed cancel parade when waiting, it now skips to the next track

  • Changed when parade is scheduled to play, it inserts the promo. If a dancer is on the pole it removes her future songs to play her outro immediately

  • New VO Schedule 'Emergency Stop' broadcasts. Can now delete as well

  • New promo trailer options - added When to Play "Insert Immediately (promo trailer)". This turns off auto calls then inserts promo. After fade out complete it start auto calls again.

  • Fixed issue with track tag where year is greater than 3000

  • Pro - New maximum Dancer Tip option

  • Pro - New option to show/hide "Club Commission" on dancer's zread

  • Pro - New "Who's Clocked In" in Extra Menu

  • Pro - New panel in top bar on POS to show "Dancers Clocked In"

  • Pro - New terminal ID shown in Manager status bar

  • Pro - New feature for Taxi Payout on door entry fees

Update notes 2016.15 (released 16th November 2016)

  • Fixed issue when double clicking on the live playlist scroll bar would open track editor

Update notes 2016.14 (released 14th November 2017)

  • New feature to multi-select dancers in rotation with right click. Easy to move up and down or put a group off on a private dance or sit down

  • New feature when a dancer is off on break or private dance, new quick button to extend

  • New feature when a dancer is off on break or private dance, you can replace with a different product

  • New feature to double click on track in live playlist opens track editor

  • New option > Options > Dancers > "Play dancer's songs". This turns on or off completely whether the player selects the dancer's songs

Update notes 2016.13 (released 30th September 2016)

  • Fixed issue when importing tracks from an external device

  • Added a new button "EXTEND" in the stages tab. This extends the pole show given a specified time

  • Graphs are now shown on stat reports

  • New option to create your own 2-4-1 jingle - last item when clicked on 2-4-1 button

  • New feature to swap dancer on the pole - same as swap called dancer

  • CoverJock remembers last active stages and if round the houses was active

  • New option to play or not play intro

  • New feature to swap track - right click on a track in live playlist

Update notes 2016.12 (released 23rd August 2016)

  • New options to set 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage call extensions

  • Increased size of dancer options screen

  • Hovering over items on the left hand side changes fore color to white

  • New personalized options for background color

  • Stopped allowing a 2 set rotation when only 1 song is selected for the dancers to dance to

  • New option to disable the DJ announcing 'Rotation Update'

  • Issue when resizing panels not saving has been resolved

  • Issue when requesting events has been resolved

Update notes 2016.11 (released 2nd August 2016)

  • New option to change video popup dancer name font size

  • Backup theme links to selected theme
  • When Ban button pressed it asks the question to ban playing song or selected song

  • Issue with option to not "Play Outro" has been resolved

  • Issue creating a playlist from a folder has been resolved


Update notes 2016.10 (released 20th June 2016)

  • Issue on stat report where dancers clock in and out has been resolved

Update notes 2016.9 (released 13th June 2016)

  • Issue with importing video files (mp4, vob, mpg) has been resolved

  • The option to not say tips didn't always apply - this has been resolved


Update notes 2016.8 (released 4th May 2016)


  • Issue with volume on promo trailers didn't play at DJ volume level

  • Reset on advanced search now scrolls back top of the panel

  • Option to not show album cover didn't always apply

  • When resetting stage show it didn't remove all ** GAP SONGS **

  • Added feature to create new playlist in import wizard

  • Added feature to book training session within the Support tab


Update notes 2016.7 (released 15th March 2016)


  • Fixed rotation gap option to allow up to 6 minute gap

  • Banning song on current song didn't work after the first time

Update notes (2015.40 - 2016.6) (released 10th October 2015 - 8th March 2016)


  • Amongst some bug fixing, we have added a few new features to CoverJock 2016. Below is a list of new features.

File Explorer Tab

New to CoverJock next to the Search Music tab is File Explorer. This is great addition for users to locate music directly from the file system.

You can right tap or click on a folder in the left list, from here you can; insert the whole folder of music to the live playlist, add the whole folder to a new or existing playlist, as well as add it to a dancer's music collection.

You can use the right tap or click on the file list as well, enabling you to multi-select files/folders and add them to a new or existing playlist or to a dancer's collection.

Manage Dancer's Music

Another great addition is the Manage Dancer's Music. This is where you can manage all the dancer's music in one place, see who has the most music or no music in their collection.

In the dancer's tab, tap or press the hamburger menu and select Manage Dancer's Music. This opens a list of dancers on the left with their music collection on the right. Above the dancers is a list of sort options; Dancer name (A-Z) or (Z-A), and Track Count (0-100) or (100-0). From here you can add, move, delete tracks just like you would from the dancer's profile.

Locked screen widgets

When CoverJock is locked, you will now see some pre-set information widgets. These include: a time widget, stat widget, drive usage widget and a data widget. They are useful to identify if a drive is running low on space, how many tracks the dancers have selected and so on.

New popup menus

On many of the screens in CoverJock you will see a modern touch you would find on smart phones today, these are called "hamburger menus" - this is simply 3 lines. By clicking on the menu it opens up loads of hidden functions. These can be found on dancers, playlists, broadcasts, soundfx, promos, options and the playlist editor.

Bit rate sound quality

Ensuring the sound quality that comes out of CoverJock is essential. We worked on adding an option to only allow high quality tracks to play. This was based on the bitrate of each track. The idea is the higher the bitrate, the better quality of the track is. This option is found in Options > Music > Music Quality.

Intelligent song selection

CoverJock now incorporates an intelligent song selection for the dancer’s music. One of the issues was a dancer dancing to an Country song followed by an Hip Hop track wouldn’t sound right, but the main point was the tempo of the tracks being as close to each other as possible.

CoverJock can group the list of music by genre, then does a flip sort on each group. For example is the dancer has Country and Hip Hop tracks, it would have the Country first then sort it from the lowest tempo to the highest. It then sorts the Hip Hop tracks from highest tempo downwards. This ensures the tempo of the track is as close to the next track as possible.

Playlist enhancements

There is new hidden feature for the playlists. If you double click or double tap on a selected playlist in the right hand panel, you now see an additional screen with a couple of smart options on.

The first is a slider to set how long each playlist will play, this means you can play for example 2 hours from one playlist then 1 hour from another and so on giving your music selection structure. This only comes into effect if the shuffle playlist IS NOT checked.

The second slider allows you to set how many tracks play from each selected playlist. This only comes into effect if the shuffle playlists IS checked. So for example if you have Playlist1, Playlist2 and Playlist3 selected you can play 4 songs from Playlist1, then 2 songs from Playlist2 then 1 song from Playlist3. This offers flexibility to play your music how YOU want.

Enhanced menu on live playlist

We have added new options on the right mouse click menu found on the live playlist. These include Edit Genre Groups in the Genre sub menu, Create New Playlist in the Add to Playlist and Create New Dancer in the Add to Dancer sub menu.