Over 500 options to customize

Every venue works different to the next. Whether it’s how your entertainers are called for their stage shows or how they select their music. Perhaps you need to set a maximum playing time for each of your music track or even passwords protect your entire system. All this and so much more can be found within system options that have been organized in such a way that you just simply tick the option that applies to your way of working.


Options are interchangeable so that you can always change them back if they are not quite right for you.

From here you can also set permissions and passwords to the system.

Every option is a simple question that will easily adjust settings for each department within CoverJock. Each individual setting is explained in more detail by hovering over the information icon to its right.

We have organized all of your settings under easy to understand categories to help you to come back to each section at any time if you need to make any adjustments. To select an option simply tick the box if you wish to apply it or un-tick to disallow.

Let’s take a look at some of the key categories


General Options

We know you want to get things up and running fast! Here you can set your clubs information, set the user password and set an email address for receiving end of session statistic reports.

Dancer Settings

Here you can control all aspects of dancer management via CoverJock. This section covers everything from dancer’s music playlist settings to dancer rotations options.

Music Settings

Here we can tailor your music settings. From maximum and minimum playing times to setting the acceptable playing quality of music that is loaded.