About this session

With so many variables during a live session it can be beneficial to know how the system is performing in real time and also to summarize key statistics and the end of each session.

The Dancer Rotation


This shows all of the entertainers that you have selected for this current session. Each tile displays the name of the entertainer together with how many completed pole shows or how many missed pole shows have occurred.
To successfully complete a show the entertainer MUST acknowledge their stage call.


This can be done in a number of ways:

  • The entertainer can select her name as it is being called at the main computer

  • An operator can select her name on her behalf at either the main machine (or portable handheld tablet)

  • The entertainer can press the CoverJock button, an additional hardware option that can be located at the stage, podium or pole.


CoverJock will move on to the next (available) dancer in the rotation and mark the previous entertainer with a MISSED DANCE.


If the stage call is not answered the system will continue to call the entertainer for a specified time (set within OPTIONS) Subsequently if the stage call remains unanswered.

Making exactly the right announcements

There are times during a session when you may need your DJ to make an announcement right at that time. Other times you may wish to check what your DJ has been requested to talk about or you may even want to check that important announcements have been made. There are various ways (during a live session) to  check the status of these.

The Broadcast Rotation

Like the dancer rotation you can also add your important broadcasts into a rotation. This creates a very simple schedule to ensure that announcements are made at desired intervals throughout the session.