First things first

Our dedicated support team will ensure that your new system is ready to go. All of your music will be imported and your initial announcements and entertainers voiceovers will already be ready to use upon installation. You can now begin to tailor the system to your preference.


Firstly you can load each of your entertainer’s personal music playlists.


You can add your own music at any time even when the system is live.

Simply select the entertainer by double tapping her name in the dance rotation and then open the music tab for that entertainer. Here you will find a list of controls that will allow you to search your music library and add songs to this playlist.

Adding and Requesting New Dancers


Beneath the Tab “Dancers” You will find all of your existing dancers. These have been downloaded to your system and are now ready to add to your rotation as and when you need to. Adding new dancers to this list is very simple.


Firstly, from within the dancers tab find the “create dancer “button located at the top. 

You can now search through your DJs pre-recorded voiceovers and if the name you are looking for exists in his list you can download it instantly to use straight away. If its not there…. You can simply submit your request and the completed voiceovers for your entertainer will be completed and automatically uploaded to your system within 24 hours.

Adding and Requesting Broadcasts


Requesting broadcasts is a similar process to adding and requesting dancers and are a great way to get your DJ talking about all of your special offers, forthcoming events and anything else you want to mention.

Special types of Broadcasts


A great way of making your announcements sound even better or to give them that extra emphasis, is to add a backing track to it. To this you will need to create a “Promo Trailer”.


You can store your created Promo Trailers beneath the “Promo” tab and to create a new one you can begin the process by selecting the Create Promo button in the same place.