CoverJock DJs

Our DJs are at your service. All of the team are dedicated professionals that use only the finest quality recording equipment to provide you with crystal clear announcements for whenever or whatever you need.

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You can now also add more than one DJ to your line up to either operate consecutive sessions or to run the same shift.

CoverJock understands what is required from a DJ at your venue which is why we have made it real easy to integrate their personalities into the software for:


  • Announcing entertainers on and off stage

  • Requesting specific types of announcements/broadcasts

  • Making announcements over beds of music (promo trailers)

  • Running specials such as 241s and Parade shows

  • Bachelor/stag on stage shows

DJs on Demand


Our DJs are available to you via CoverJock to tailor your announcements to your specification and are created to give the impression that you actually have a live DJ in your club. All requests to your DJ can be submitted at any time and will be completed and uploaded directly to your system within 24 hours when they are complete.

Each DJ has their own library of dancer’s voiceovers which you can simply browse and download at your leisure. See:

  • Creating broadcasts

  • Creating promo trailers

  • Creating dancers