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For high quality new music and video subscribe to Promo Only.

This guide will help you configure the service with CoverJock.

"The number 1 record pool for DJs and venues"

Why Promo Only?


For over 25 years Promo Only has offered DJs, VJs, radio stations and entertainment venues unprecedented access to the hottest new releases at rates available exclusively to those who can generate public play. The majority of streaming service simply don’t offer the tools clubs need. In addition to the radio versions those services provide, They offer the exclusive Clean Edits, mix-friendly Intro Edits & Quick Edits, and the essential remixes & dance mixes.

They also offer lots of single genre plans that will let you zero in on just what you’re looking for. If you specialize in a genre or two, you can easily combine their single genre plans to create your own combo

All music and music video serviced to you comes licensed from the labels for your use in public venues. There are no additional costs to opening a POOL account: Pick a plan. Pay for the plan. Done.


Subscribe to Promo Only


You will need to open an individual account with Promo Only which is billed monthly and you can cancel at any time.


Simply choose the product that suits your venue and you will then receive daily music and/or video content delivered Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) to the Promo Only Pool Player. You can export the content that you require from here to a virtual destination folder within CoverJock. 

Whenever you accept new music from the Pool Player it will then be imported to your system - ready for you to use.

The Pool Player


The Pool Player is a piece of software provided by Promo Only that you will need to download, install and configure in order to receive your content. You will receive notifications each day by email as to when your new content is available. New content will show in GREEN in the issues and singles releases window. Simply tick the box left to the issue to download it to the folder that you have set to receive your content,



Within the preferences tab you can also filter the type of content you want to receive and how you wish to receive it. You can also access Promo Only support and enable or disable email notifications.

Saving Promo Only Content.


In the POOL PLAYER preferences tab you can set a location to where you wish to save the music that you have recieved from PROMO ONLY. You will then search the same folder from within CoverJock to import its content to your system, or you can create a FOLDER LINK. A folder link will automatically check that folder periodically for new content and add it to CoverJock as it is found. 

Setting a folder link


To set a folder link, return to CoverJock and open the Playlist tab. Select CREATE PLAYLIST and choose the last item in the menu CREATE VIRTUAL FOLDER LINK PLAYLIST. Next find the folder where you are saving your PROMO ONLY content. The following filters will allow you to select the types of music that you WANT to import. 

CoverJock will now periodically search this folder for new content and update the virtual playlist accordingly. If you want to check that all music has been added and the folder is up to date you can also perform a manual search.

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