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Introduce entertainers, announce your specials and more. 


Install on your own affordable hardware. No commitment.

Enhance your dayshift.

Give your dayshift the same consistency as your nights with a seamless pole show, professional enthusiastic announcements and on screen video marketing. Perfect for plugging your daytime menu, specials and sporting fixtures. 

CJ Tablet.png

Control from anywhere.

Control from your tablet anywhere in your venue. Make announcements, change playlists or give stage calls and more. 

  • What is CoverJock?
    CoverJock is a computerised DJ service that automates the role of a DJ in a gentlemens club. It manages the entertainer rotation, organises and manages music, makes anouncments using a choice of human voices. It has over 500 custamisable options to tailor and personalise the overall experience.
  • How much does it cost?
    We have a range of packages to suit all sized operations and budgets. From small rotations to multi staged venues we have it covered. See our comparison packages or contact your local agent for more information.
  • Can I have more than one DJ?
    Yes. Its is possible to have more than one DJ voice that can be used together for the same session or seperatley on different sessions or days to give the illusion that different DJs are working on different shifts. An extra subscription per DJ is required.
  • What music/video file types does CoverJock support
    There isn't much CoverJock doesn't support, here's a list of all file types we support: Music file types: mp3, mp2, wav, ogg, aiff, wma, asx, m4a, flac, aac, ac3, wv, au, aif, w64, voc, sf, paf, pvf, caf, svx, it, xm, s3m, mod, mtm, mo3 and cda Video file types: mp4, mov, m4v, mpg, 3gp, asf, rm, swf, m1v, m2v, wmv, vob, flv and divx
  • Is support included?
    Of course! We provide many chanels of software support including online and on-site assistance. Clients also have access to our online resourse center which is regulary updated with tips, tricks and help videos. Premium members can also the benefit of having their own personal acount assistant for on demand one to one tutorials, chat support and assisted software management. You can rest assured you are in safe hands!
  • Is it easy to use?
    CoverJock is very simple to use. It has been designed to be complex but uncomplicated. It is easy to navigate, fun to use and custamisable to your business. Helpful recources and A class customer support comes as standard so that you can rest assured that you are making the most of the service.
  • Do you supply music?
    For your music requiments we recommend Promo Only. It is the leading DJ pool service in the UK, USA and Canada. Consistently supplying DJs, bars and club venues with the highest quality music and music video content of all genres. Voted International Dance Music Awards ‘Number 1 Promotional Service’ for the last 10 consecutive years. Promo Only integrates neatly with CoverJock and provides daily content delivered to your system. Keeping you up to date with high quality, current and relevant music - all licenced legally to use in your region. You can also add your own music leaving you with the freedom to create your own tailored playlists that suit your music policy. ** 3 months FREE Promo Only Subscription for new customers. Exclusive to CoverJock clients. (subscription with Promo Only required)
  • How does CoverJock interact with BoothPoint?
    Currently, what happens at the club? A dancer goes for a VIP, the operator radios to the DJ to put them off for an amount of time, for which the DJ need to know how long. Alternatively the DJ only picks dancers who are visible to him/her at the time of a stage call with the possibility of missing dancers who are out of sight. This all takes time and isn't an accurate system. When a dancer is put on a VIP for an hour in BoothPoint, it automatically tells CoverJock to take the dancer out of the rotation for an hour with a countdown. Never have a dancer be called again who isn't available to dance, this is all done from the point of sale with no "human" interaction whatsoever. It makes life so simple.
  • Can we use my DJ and CoverJock at the same time?
    Yes, you can simply mute the CoverJock DJ volume and your DJ can use a microphone as he/she normally would. The alterative which is the way some clubs use it is to allow CoverJock to manage and run the rotation. The DJ can be walking the floor, away from CoverJock and use them as a proper MC.
  • Will I be fixed into any long term contracts?
    With CoverJock you are in control. There are no long term contracts and no lengthy commitments. Your subscription will automatically renew at the agreed date each month. You won’t be tied into any long agreement so if things change you can cancel after just 30 days.
  • Can I upgrade at any time?
    Yes! The new CoverJock can be easily upgraded to CoverJock Pro giving you the complete BoothPoint back office system built in. Store contracts, digitally sign documents, clock staff and dancers in and build staff and dancer schedules. Upgrade to CoverJock Pro plus and get the added POS software to take payments for products and services on the club floor.
  • Does CoverJock have a video display
    Yes! The new CoverJock has a range of video display options. Utilise your existing club TVs to show promotional videos, dancer profiles, club flyers and more. For multi-screens you can easily control what you want to show on each display. You can even link the DJs voice to what is shown on screen for a powerful marketing tool that you control.
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