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Getting Started

To get you started take a look at this quick guide and you will be automating your DJ requirements in no time. Here we will help you to get to know the layout of the program. Show you how to set up your live playlists and how create your own personalised announcements voiced by your chosen DJ. We will then take a look at setting up and organising your entertainer rotation and the corresponding options

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step 1

Custom Installation

At this point you will have already chosen your DJ voice and submitted the stage names of your existing entertainers along with any special announcements you asked for to get you started. Now that the initial installation is complete you can check these by heading to the broadcast tab. Inside you should find a group of buttons containing the announcements. Ensure the volume is set and go ahead and play your first announcement. This will be your new DJ! We will come back to requesting broadcasts so now head to the dancers tab. If the names of all of your current existing entertainers are there we can move to step 2.

If this section is empty contact us to choose your DJ and announcements. And dont forget you can have more than one DJ voice.





CoverJock is neatly divided into 3 sections. ​

section 1 - Is for the LIVE OPTIONS. These will be your most used functions that you can change and set on the fly with out any disruption to the output. 

Section 2 - This is where you will set the LIVE playlist using smaller playlists from within the PLAYLISTS tab

Section 3 - The entertainer rotation. This is where you will organise and automate the stage shows.

step 2

understanding the basic layout

step 3

Setting the live playlist

To begin you will need to set your live playlist. Many functions will use this such as stage calls, stage shows and general announcements. Music that has been imported to your system will show in within the PLAYLISTS tab. Here you will see music that has already been sorted for you in genres and here you can also make your own custom playlists.

Simply select the playlist or playlists that you want to use as your LIVE playlist. You will see them being added to the SHUFFLE MANAGER  on the right hand side. When you are happy with your selection press the SHUFFLE NOW button to return to main screen.

Your Live playlist is now set! Your selection will now show in the centre window. You can return to the previous steps to change or edit this at any time. 


step 4

Add some entertainers

Go to your dancer tab and select the entertainers that you want to add into the rotation for this session. 

You will see the rotation building on the right hand side. When you have finished select NOW PLAYING to return to the main screen. 

Take note of the DJ controls at the bottom of the screen we come back to these shortly. 

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